Finally, a concrete reason to tell people to stop wearing their scrubs around everywhere. We get it. You’re medical. Don’t kill me with an infection for a fashion statement.

A recent study shows that up to 60% of hospital garments or ‘scrubs’ harbor pathogens that can cause anything from the common cold to MRSA. While the study does not correlate hospital infection rates as coming from unsanitary work clothing, the possibility cannot be ruled out. We’ve all seen people in the grocery store, Starbucks, some random greasy spoon for lunch, or even, God forbid, on the germ ridden subway in your scrubs. I have utmost respect for medical professionals and MDs, nurses etc. are invaluable to society. I recognize you’re proud to work in healthcare, and I applaud that sentiment but I’d rather just see a swank house, or car, or watch…anything really. I don’t want to see you on the subway in that stuff. I can barely wear my own clothing after riding the subway, let alone wear it into surgery.