AZ Cop Tasers Mentally Retarded Man even after he complies with instructions.

I have nothing against cops. In fact, thank god for them. But his is kind of disturbing on multiple levels. One, the gentleman recording the video sounds like a basement dweller who expresses a desire to see this guy get shot with the taser. Secondly, after the act happens then people go outside to tell the officer the man is retarded, but not until after they record him subduing the man with a taser. Then a toothless slag comes out of nowhere to tell these guys to ‘mind their own business.’ Ok, each point one by one. The man recording this video needs to have his face beat in if this is the kind of stuff that entertains him. He needs to have a taser used on him. The voice sounds like that of a basement dweller and I can just imagine his little chins wobbling in excitement and anticipation. Go back to the basement, Google psychiatrists and go f off. Point number two, I’m glad the people watching this were willing to offer this information to the officer after he subdued the man. Perhaps this would have been relevant prior?

Instead, the video and the witnesses seem to get self-righteous and indignant at the officer after the fact. So they filmed him then they went after him. That doesn’t show a lot of concern for the subdued guy on the ground, regardless of their very vocal protestations to the contrary. In fact, they seem less concerned with the guy in pain on the ground and more concerned with getting this officer in trouble, which may or may not be warranted? Since the video does not capture the full incident there may be things we did not see prior. Third, the toothless slag that tells them to ‘mind their own business,’ is out there to defend Johnny Law and the government from some little youtube video. If the action was legitimate, there is nothing to be upset about and the officer is in no real kind of trouble. I’m glad we live in a society today were everything that goes down in public can be filmed and photographed. These are the surest tools to protect our democracy from the tyranny of arbitrary police action. The Yavapal County Sheriff’s office is apparently dropping the ‘resisting arrest’ charge against the poor guy, who stood at 6’6” tall and weighed more than 250 pounds. Allegedly he was harassing patrons of the Golden Corral restaurant, asking them for money and food. Glaringly absent from the MyFox Phoenix report is indication of any ‘physical’ harassment like that alleged by the toothless creature in the latter part of the video. She’s there to protect government from its citizens, remember. It amazes me that people will say whatever they have to in order to validate their argument or secure their position. She definitely seems guilty of that. The officer may have perhaps used too much force, but at least he did his job, unlike that other guy who’s off slogging tramps on the hood of his squad car. It is tough to judge being in that situation, faced with a larger semi-crazed individual who may or may not be armed but who could, theoretically, over  power him at any moment. The real debate I have here is to what extent is the advent of widely disseminated video and photo-capturing technology a protection against arbitrary action by police or even other individuals? Its use does not seem to be a great deterrent, but that may be because it hasn’t become cultural fact yet, like the presence of cellphones are. Some people who are more detached from technology and its innovations really do not have a solid grasp on how widely available it is and how anything captured by it can be placed on the internet instantly for the world to see. I support this and see it is a barrier against capriciousness application of the law, but I also see a danger in sensationalism in making the jobs of people like law enforcement officers more difficult or even dangerous. What do you guys think? Comment or email me.

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