Anthony Bourdain apologizes for Paula Deen comments.

So who knows if this is even real on his part or not, not the apology but the whole thing: Anthony Bourdain apologizes for his comments concerning Paula Deen in a recent interview on NPR’s Leonard Lopate Show. To quote:

“You know, I deserved the whacking I got back on that…I hate to beat up on her personally … I love butter. I feel bad — I stand by the substance of what I said but I certainly think it came across as more crass, personal and just plain nasty than I intended it. That said, is it necessary to serve bacon cheeseburger between two donuts? Is that what America needs right now?”

Yes Anthony, that is what America needs right now. The economy sucks, music’s horrible, movies are 3d travesties of schlock, and Michelle Bachmann. This nation needs more butter, more bacon, more…bacon.

This should explain why donuts and bacon cheeseburgers are perfect together:

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