New Mexico State Trooper caught being skank is also quite inept, despite being Trooper of the Year.

Apparently the New Mexico State Trooper caught railing out some nasty girl on surveillance camera also, in a separate and unrelated incident, let a captured felon escape while under his watch. Said felon then committed rape. Additionally, many DUI’s and speeding tickets issued by the officer have been thrown out by the courts because of his failure to appear before them. This shady fellow, who has given concrete and anecdotal evidence of his being unfit to serve, was also chosen as the Officer of the Year. The sad thing is that he probably has a wife and maybe kids. The great thing is that now she can ditch his sorry ass and take him to the cleaners in the court system. It would be poetic justice if the slunt he was railing out gave him some sort of VD, but that’s perhaps wishing too much karma on him. Oh wait, I forgot, someone escaped his watch and then raped someone. Yeah, VD would just be lovely for this fellow. Boys, you gotta ask yourself this question, if she’s willing to get publicly slogged on the hood of a car 1) you were not the first 2) bring a rain coat or three and 3) add one and two together and proceed with caution. Best not to proceed at all, but some guys just can’t manage to keep it in their pants. Also, if you happen upon the site with the now infamous picture (perverted meerkat chilling in the corner, note) of this going down, notice the ballet shoes on the lady. Wow, just wow. That’s a real catch there.

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