Double, double, toil and trouble, mired and burned for life in a Bubble: Christine O’Donnell persona non grata for Pariah Palin.

Christine O’Donnell is not welcome with Sarah Palin on her crazy tour 2011 so sadly she might have to go home, break out the old cauldron and fire up some of her old antimasturbation tapes because it’s going to be a long road until the next Delaware senatorial election. Christine O’Donnell was expected at the Indianola, Iowa ‘Restore America’ event hosted by Pariah but has been told to not come, possibly for fear she could mistakenly upstage Palin in the moron department. It’s expected that Comrade Palin is gearing up for a presidential run and thus, Christine O’Donnell and her hexes are a political crap-fest waiting to happen for America’s lone grizzly mama savior cum political theorist. It is kind of sad though when someone makes Sarah Palin look normal (here’s looking at you Christine and Michelle) but really did anyone expect the Christine O’Donnell sideshow to ever hold light to the glorious spectacle that is Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin has managed to turn a failed presidential attempt on the part of John McCain into a reality tv career. Christine O’Donnell can’t even handle an interview with Piers Morgan, and rumor has it her book is struggling to make inroads with the teeming masses who yearn for enlightenment. John Stuart Mill, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Sarah Palin. No room for Christine in that pantheon. She kind of reminds me Daphne from the Scooby Doo cartoons except for with the intelligence of Scooby minus the weed and LSD. Scooby had excuses, Christine just has imagined personal abuses. If someone wants to send me a free copy of Christine O’Donnell’s book I will begrudgingly read it and provide an in depth review, insofar as I am mentally capable of comprehending her genius, right here on the blog. Email me for details! 😉