Redistribute GPA’s to lesser students, turd-monger rightist advocates in apparent and apathetic apology.

Oh this guy probably thought he was so cute when he began advocating redistribution of GPA averages from higher grade earners to lower grade earners in order to test leftist students’ dedication to wealth redistribution. He was shocked to learn that, even though students earned their grades, they were apparently loathe to redistribute grade points averages to lesser performing students in order to level out performance. He concludes that they earned their grades, and thus they do not want to give them to people they perceive as having not ‘earned’ their grades. In a blithering shit-storm of sophistry, he then draws an analogue between good grades and acquired wealth. Wow. Who signs off on these projects? Lawrence the Libertarian and Maddie the Militiaman? GPAs, and let me tell you I know this as a brutal personal truth, are in no way analogous to earned income. I have never encountered anyone with a 4.1 billion GPA, but I do know a few kids with a 1.7, 2.4 etc. Further, as the bearer of an awesome GPA in undergrad and during the Master’s degree hell, it is definitely not income. In fact, my high GPA greatly correlated with material poverty during that period. Sure, I earned my GPA but I also was not earning anything else, except for healthy loads of debt that the government and Citibank felt kind enough to redistribute to me under the promise of repayment. At interest. Of course students would be loathe to redistribute GPAs. Again, there are no Warren Buffetts in the GPA game. Further, you don’t hear Warren Buffett complaining that he doesn’t want a dime of his wealth redistributed so who exactly is this guy? Name is unimportant because hopefully he outgrows his childish viewpoints and I don’t want to permanently mark him on this blog with his stupidity but you can read the vapid article and meaningless research here. Is he the scion of a baron of industry? No. Is he one of the Google or Facebook people? No. Has he done anything, descended from anything or pretend to anything other than that of arrogant ass? No, not that I can tell. It is amazing to me that someone would consume their time with defending the proposition of unfettered wealth acquisition with no material at stake in the matter. Probably, like most people on the right, he envisions himself quite the brahmin one day, lording over the peasantry and exhorting us all to just pick grapes from his vineyard with a little more drive, a little more ambition and marketing savvy, and we too could be him one day. The acquisition of wealth for wealth’s sake is rarely the goal of talented businessmen. I can only hope for the enlightened tomes that will spill forth from this would be parvenu if and when he ‘arrives’ there.

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