Now introducing the Apple iPlank. It’s phenomenal to behold.

A woman in Spartanburg, SC, purchased the above thinking it was a real iPad. The block of wood with crude, Apple-esque features came at a price of $180 dollar and was given to her in a FedEx box. Obviously, upon opening the box and trying to plug it in, she realized it was probably not a real iPad. A modern day example of the ‘brick in a box’ scam, the above highlights not only the lengths of stupidity someone will go through to purchase an Apple product but also the general lengths of stupidity in sum. I admire the con-artist’s dedication to their craft, with the ivory Apple logo emblazoned proudly on the back of what appears to be an ash and soot covered plank of wood. Indeed, even unto the BestBuy sticker, these guys were artisans and craftsmen. Now, I know Apple is renown for their design, but this masterpiece gives new meaning to the phrase. Note the vaguely functional looking icons, the matte black tape lining the borders and the faux wood finish on the back. Again, I was arguing earlier that the Chinese don’t know how to innovate like Americans. They will sell you an iPed, which plugs in and kind of does a few things but they have never grasped the true American, capitalist spirit. Why even pretend to sell something real, when you can just pretend to sell something and make way greater profit without half the hassle. That’s just our way of doing things here.

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