German Chancellor Angela Merkel called ‘Most Powerful Woman’ for 2011.

The ‘undisputed’ leader of the EU, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been named by Forbes as the most powerful woman in the world. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came in second, with Sarah Palin, a Facebook employee and a Twitter founder also making the list. After reviewing the last few, I really would like to know the criterion employed to determine power and influence because, if I were Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton, I would say thanks but no thanks to this list because of its rather vapid choices for influential women. Angela Merkel: deciding the fate of the EU. Hillary Clinton: running around the world spreading US policy and fomenting the Arab Spring. Then we have Sarah Palin and a Facebook gal. Right. Next year just make Lady Gaga the most powerful woman in the world, followed by RuPaul and Tyra Banks. Again, I would probably have to go pop a couple of Milltowns if I were listed in any ranked order with Sarah Palin. Clearly, intellectual firepower or actual social influence are not prerequisites for qualification.