Planet made of diamond discovered.

Found near a pulsar star PSR J1719-1438, a planet comprised entirely of carbon about the size of our sun. In other words, there is a gigantic diamond floating around a small star in space. I’ll bet it is beautiful to behold. Having arisen from the ashes of a supernova in a binary star system, the pulsar rotates rapidly and, even though it is quite small, has a mass greater than that of our sun Sol. When the second star in the system neared its end, this star siphoned off its matter when it was a red giant. Scientists speculate that the core of the other star resulted in the diamond planet, lingering as what remains of the former partner star that was not siphoned off by PSR J1719-1438. Because the star lost 99.9 percent of its mass in this occurrence and is no longer capable of the reactions necessary to sustain a star, it is classified as a planet, the diamond planet if you will. The entire system would fit within the diameter of our sun and the diamond planet orbits its pulsar every two hours or so. It is also much larger than its parent star. I wonder what the topography and atmosphere are like on a planet comprised of diamond? Does the light from the parent star reflect off of the surface and cast prismatic visions into the atmosphere?

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