Meibutsu: Osaka Style Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き).

Okonomiyaki is an art form in the cities of Osaka and Hiroshima, with the two cities each labeling it their ‘meibutsu’ or regional culinary speciality. This article will focus on the Osaka variation of this awesome recipe. Okonomiyaki is considered junk food and is not on the same level as more complicated Japanese cuisine but it is also one of the most delicious things you’ll ever try. Okonomiyaki is best for those who have not had a lot of experience eating or preparing Japanese food as it is easy to prepare and universally loved. After all, it involves frying and bacon, so most Westerners can’t argue with that. Additionally, its preferred serving condiment is mayonnaise, particularly Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise which is a slightly sweeter variation than what you buy in the West. Have no fear, Kewpie mayonnaise is available in many international food sections so it is not impossible to obtain and in fact I recommend you purchase it. It’s amazing. Okonomiyaki has been variously called Japanese pancake, pizza or seafood pancake at Japanese restaurants. This is a good approximation but after having it for the first time one will agree it is not the most appropriate description. Anyway, if you attempt this recipe at home please let me know how you do. It is terribly easy and quite delicious. While some special ingredients may be required, overall the materials that go into okonomiyaki are easy to find and it is cheap to make. Check out the step by step pictures and recipe instructions here.