Back packing with Kim Jong-il.

Kim Jong-il had a ‘fun trip‘ in Russia, traveling to the far flung northern neighbor by armored train to meet with President Medvedev. Greeted by beautiful ladies carrying bountiful pastries for Dear Leader to nosh on while talking about things like nuclear disarmament, post-modern interpretations of Stalinism and the best way to funnel illicit funds through the international system. Dear Leader has probably not seen that much bread or women with that kind of meat on their bones for nigh on a decade now, but the arduous march to a more prosperous and strong socialist Korea continues. Sigh. It is hoped that the six-party disarmament talks can be resumed and Kim Jong-il is allegedly hot to get that moving again, either because ramen supplies from Japan have been cut off or his generals are about to murder him for lack of Hennessy. You ever want to read about an intriguing Stalinist country making its way through these heady times, stay tuned here where I will share all I can about Dear Leader and his somewhat murky plans for North Korea. To educate yourself further on just how great Dear Leader can be, check out Liberty in North Korea’s website here.