Michael Vick.

Whatever you think of the man, I love a good comeback story and I’m loathe to hold someone’s feet to the fire well after one has done their penance. Michael Vick’s signing with the Eagles is discussed in this article by Les Bowen and it is an intriguing look at how the Michael Vick story is viewed differently, namely depending on what ethnicity you are. To quote: “If you’ve ever been to any of those inner city rec centers where Vick often speaks, the vibe is not ‘let’s listen to this man explain to us why he hurt those dogs.’ Vick doesn’t spend a lot of time on that. The centers are usually packed to the rafters with people who’ve come to celebrate Vick as a beacon of hope for them — a black man the whites sent to prison, whose money was taken away, but who has persevered and triumphed. Frankly, that’s the storyline that netted Vick the Eagles’ Ed Block Courage Award, voted by his (mostly black) teammates) in ’09, that white folks were so upset about.” While what Michael Vick was cruel and inhumane, he served his time and was publicly shamed for it. Time to move on and let his talent, drive and intelligence determine his future in the NFL.