Paula Deen tells Anthony Bourdain to Buzz off.

I’m pretty proud of Paula for this. Anthony Bourdain, insufferable host of that show of his where he pretends to be simultaneously high-culture and back-alley chav but ends up coming off as a neurotic, creepy old greaser, insulted FoodNetwork chefs Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, and Guy Fieri. Now, I understand that not everyone loves Rachael Ray, hell even she admits her shit isn’t hard to make. Guy Fieri seems like a nice guy and he has a soft spot in my heart because I remember when he first got started on the network. Sandra Lee is the epitome of how to do it: hard working, making the best of what she has, drinks her ass off, and table-scapes all morphed into her becoming a very charitable and classy First-Lady of New York State. After getting ripped a new one by Paula Deen, I don’t know how I can look at Anthony Bourdain with the same tint of mild disgust and reprobation. He used to be a kind of caricature to me, the ultimate poser of posers posing around and talking to himself neurotically on a show that is as much about food as FoxNews is about promoting the liberal agenda. Self-involved, self-absorbed, and straddling two very incongruent worlds: that is the bipolar agenda of Anthony Bourdain. You can’t be chav and chap, you can’t be chef and critic, and you certainly can’t be an asshole and still be enjoyable. Picking on Paula Deen is like kicking your grandmother’s cat for being itself. That cat is fed damn well to be that obnoxious, and maybe ultimately what we’re seeing from Anthony is nothing more thinly veiled jealousy.

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