London Riots impossible in Russia…famous last words.

According to this article in Pravda, the riots that occurred in London cannot occur in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia because Russia does not believe in multiculturalism, which is at the root of the problem in England? Firstly, the article uses the term ‘pogrom’ to describe the riots in England and further, draws a racial divide between the protesters and the actual English people claiming that the rioters were, by and large, of non-British descent. In a rambling piece the article goes on to describe Muslim imposition on European traditions, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel declaring ‘multi-kulti’ finished, and Sarkozy’s battles in France. Interestingly this article is devoid of substance and presents opinion as fact, an oft used tactic of the demagogue. Reducing everything down into racial terms simplifies a complex issue without enlightening anyone. While I love drawing articles from across the spectrum, I was saddened by this one, not so much for its ignorance and blatant xenophobia which I encounter all the time, but rather more for its lack of clarity and sophistication. I’m willing to listen to most arguments I disagree with but I do draw the line at nonsense.