BoA cutting 3500-10,000 jobs depending on who you ask.

MSNBC says at least 3,500, USA Today says 10,000, all I do know for sure is that a lot of poor souls at Bank of America are about to be let go from their jobs and that is sad. What wouldn’t be sad is if the hiring manager from my group interview session lost her job because she was horrible at it. I was impressed with the whole interviewing process at Bank of America until that lady. She spent the entirety of the group interview on her Blackberry pretending to not be in HR. Not only did I notice this but so did everyone else. Thank God I kind of wanted the job but not really, but the others there certainly felt like she was not only pompous and rude but ill-equipped to comport herself in a professional, corporate setting. Now that I think about it, when you have idiots like that in charge of hiring maybe a ‘few’ people can go home. Further, I’m grateful I ultimately didn’t get hired by Bank of America because I would almost certainly be going home now!