After 20 good years, Palm is dead.

Remember PDAs? Maybe I’m dating myself, but the original market innovator, Palm, after being acquired in 2009 for approximately $2 billion by HP, is now a defunct concern. As news broke yesterday of HP’s spin-off of its consumer PC business and its cessation of Palm, WebOS and TouchPad endeavors, it quickly became clear that 1) HP is no longer interested in the consumer side of things and 2) this is the end for Palm, finally. After years of struggling with brand identity and tangible innovation, Palm’s Pre was a good effort toward stemming the growing iPhone tide that threatens to engulf all smart-phones in its wake. The Palm Pre was awesome, sleek and not terribly knock-off iPhone looking, which probably endeared it to a subset of the population. Yet, in spite of its good software and multi-tasking abilities, the Pre fell flat on its face and will now be found on in the history books.

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