Is NATO evil?

In this piece from Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey for, Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey describes alleged warcrimes by NATO participants and calls the rebels in Libya terrorists. Muammar Qadaffi’s force liberate towns and the people greet them with open arms. Yeah, I’m sure of that. The interesting thing about articles like this is that it draws into sharp focus the very gray area that is the truth of the matter. While I’m sure nothing intentionally tragic has been perpetrated by NATO forces against Libyan civilians, I’m sure there have been a few. I don’t know of any legitimate voice that calls Libya’s armed forces liberators. In fact, I think Muammar Qadaffi’s regime has been an accepted ‘rogue’ for quite some time. I read articles like this because I am genuinely concerned with what actually is going on rather than the sterilized version that may be presented on the airwaves.