Cornell University internet bandwidth-cap has sophomore student fuming, considering drugs.

A sophomore student at Cornell by the name of Cristina Lara has started a petition to remove the internet bandwidth-cap for Cornell college students because Ithaca’s nightlife sucks and without the internet the woebegotten students of Cornell would be forced to take recreational drugs or attend a frat party to have fun. While those latter two options sound like the UVa experience in its entirety, I have to agree with the sophomore that a school as expensive as Cornell may want to reconsider such miserly dealings with its entertainment-deprived students; however, comparing internet usage to drug addiction is intriguing in that it implies that one requires treatment and the other does not. Perhaps this bandwidth-cap could be a life changing event for her, freeing her from the shackles of e-thralldom and unleashing a ‘torrent’ of new experiences her way that would culminate in her attending the Burning Man festival while reciting, from memory, the collected works of Carlos Castaneda. With that said, I have friends who went to Cornell and I will have to see myself whether the internet is really one of three things Ithaca has to offer.

One thought on “Cornell University internet bandwidth-cap has sophomore student fuming, considering drugs.”

  1. The bandwidth cap is meant to stop the video downloading and so it is necessary from a bandwidth management perspective but you are right that you cannot live your life online and college is what you make of it, Ithaca is not that bad either.

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