Michelle Bachmann and the al-Qaeda-Iran cabal.

Takeaway from this article? Michelle Bachmann has not cracked open a book about the Middle East ever. I’m just surprised that anyone is ‘surprised’ about this candidate for the Republican nomination. She and her Grand Dame of a husband have made careers out of demonizing gay children, having ‘foster’ children which I’m sure the government helped pay for, received farm subsidies from the federal government, all the while representing the IRS against tax payers in court. Her education and qualifications for town dog catcher are minimal, let alone for president of the United States. Not only do I think Michelle Bachmann is documented to be emotionally unstable but also prone to debilitating headaches that render her inert. Personally I think she needs to stop OD’ing on the dramamine. Unlike silver-dollar Sarah, Michelle isn’t in this for the money. She’s in it for herself, the most terrifying idol of them all.