How long has it been since you beat a game?

Shocking news today telling us that most videogames go unbeaten. Given the industry’s newfound prominence in American pop-culture, this is somewhat strange. How many people pick up a book then don’t finish it? Probably no where near the 90% of people who do not finish a video game according to this article. I think it not only has to do with the time commitment but also the increasingly open-ended nature of many blockbuster titles. This kind of gameplay allows the player to play at leisure and to craft their own gaming experience, a style far-removed from the old on-rails experience of yesteryear. Games are becoming increasingly cinematic as well as immersive, providing the best of both movies and books with an interactive element. It is no wonder some of these amazing games never get finished, because completion would entail some kind of abandonment of the virtual world in which you have been spending your time, and that is not what many people want to do when they’ve stumbled upon a unique and gratifying experience.