Bring back Squaresoft.

According to rumors over at Dual Pixels, Square-Enix, well-known and loved makers of JRPG series such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior as well as many others, is apparently dropping the -Enix part of the deal and returning to a more simplified ‘Square.’ I love Square-Enix music way more than I love their games, though I know that what this company makes can be a magical, wistful journey, it can also make some real turds that are more like a roll in a pretty bag of emotional vomit. I ramble to say, bring back ‘Squaresoft.’ The old ‘Squaresoft.’ Not this very new, very international-entity that has replaced the Japanese studio I knew and loved. If the goal is rebranding, why not rebrand into something that everyone already knows about loves? Until that time, I can only console myself with the blips and bloops of pixel opera and wonder when the next ‘Squaresoft’ game is coming out. Oh, and also Opera Remix. Chocobos and Aria di Mezzo Carattere to start the day.