8 Bit fun with Java

NESfun.com is a website that allows you to play classic Nintendo Entertainment System games right in your web browser. I was unable to get it to work with my Google Chrome browser, but I was able to play a few levels of Hudson’s Adventure Island (a competent yet bizarre Mario-clone from the day) and the always impossible Ninja Gaiden by Tecmo. I was heartened to see not only the first installment in the Ninja Gaiden series available for play, but indeed the entire NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy. For free. I’m sure this treasure won’t last long given the multitude of laws it is infringing upon but I digress. Also, I won’t front, Ninja Gaiden was always cool but also a really tough game, I never made it through the first one let alone the entire trilogy. I have recently been viewing Retro Game Master CX on Kotaku, and the first episode featured the Kacho taking on this classic game. I’ve become nostalgic for the games of the past not only because they evoke pleasant memories of my childhood but also because they are pretty damn tough to beat. It seems something has died along the way in gaming, and challenge is certainly one of those things. Check out the website, but be forewarned that only the most dedicated would ever play through some of these very unforgiving 8bit games with only a keyboard controller.